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A new visual identity for online dance music magazine Resident Advisor.

Streamlining the logo


An extremely simplified construction drawn out of one line creates strength, clarity and confidence in the logo. Introduction of the 45 degree angle as a secondary brand element adds brand recognition even when the logo is not present.

Streamlining the logo


The introduction of a contemporary but meaningful new palette helped users to orientate themselves when using the site and can expand as the RA offering grows.

Taking the identity into moving image allowed us to support Resident Advisor’s growing film content and long form editorial.

Streamlining the logo


The RA identity has gone beyond digital - from posters, event themes and business cards to a successful range of branded merchandise.

"The new visual identity helped us remain relevant but without losing what we are. Ultimately, it’s helped us to grow and maintain visibility as we scaled internationally. Also looks pretty ace on a t-shirt."


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