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Making noise for the Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphone launch.

Authentic Artists


Bowers & Wilkins provide the audio technology behind iconic industry locations such as Abbey Road and Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. With such a heritage to build upon, we decided to shoot the PX launch campaign with genuine credible recording artists instead of models - bringing an authenticity both implied and real.

Product Focus


As always, the industrial design of Bowers & Wilkins products is sumptuous - but PX takes the form factor in a new direction with it’s sleek, modernised and elegant design.

Our product shoot was designed to show the product at its most inspirational, in pseudo-real environments. We delivered on a check-list of requirements - showing size & scale, usage scenarios, gender neutrality and material textures. Moreover, we landed premium visual cues - positioning the product next to its peer group in terms of desirable consumer products.

Bring the noise

Art Direction

The PX headphones are a highly innovative product, with multi-mode active noise cancellation, designed to deliver the highest quality audio in different urban listening environments.

To bring this to life, we projected both global scenes and audio waveform-inspired graphics directly on to the artists. This created an impactful, sound-inspired visual landscape to intrigue the viewer while discretely referencing product functionality.

This required extensive pre-production involving environmental footage and CG motion graphics layers that are tuned to each individual artists’ size and facial features, providing a beautiful and hypnotic visual effect.

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