What is Composable Commerce and why should I care?

What is Composable Commerce and why should I care?

In recent years, eCommerce has become an essential part of most businesses' strategy. The eCommerce landscape is changing fast and new technologies and platforms are emerging.

One of these new technologies is Composable Commerce, which is becoming increasingly sought after as a strategy for eCommerce tech.

Composable Commerce is an approach to building an eCommerce platform that focuses on the flexibility and modularity of the system. The approach involves breaking down the eCommerce platform into smaller, individual components that can be easily replaced or updated without affecting the entire system.

For example, rather than a single platform which tries to do everything, you might break your "Composable Stack" into a number of sub-platforms that focus on being the best at one particular function, in addition to allowing for the integration of bespoke or self-developed features and capabilities unique to your business.

This modularity is beneficial because it allows businesses to customize their eCommerce platform to meet their specific needs and make changes as their business grows and changes.

There are several key benefits of a Composable Commerce architecture:

1. Flexibility

Since the system is broken down into smaller components, businesses can choose which components they need and customize them to meet their specific requirements.

2. Future proofing

It enables businesses to easily add new components or remove outdated ones, ensuring that their eCommerce platform is always up-to-date with the latest technologies.

3. Plays nice with others

Composable Commerce architecture makes it easier to integrate with other systems, such as CRM, ERP, or PIM, allowing businesses to manage their operations more efficiently. Create your own "composable stack" that fits your business at that moment and replace platforms as you evolve beyond them or they age out.

The Shopify Plus Composable Stack from SOON_

Shopify Plus has proven to be the perfect core of our Composable stack. Shopify Plus is a powerful eCommerce platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to manage their online stores. It offers a range of features, including customizable storefronts, payment processing, order management, and shipping solutions.

Additionally, Shopify Plus allows businesses to integrate with third-party systems such as ERP, CRM, or PIM, which is crucial for businesses that are looking for a Composable solution.

Composable Commerce is an innovative approach to building an eCommerce platform that provides businesses with flexibility, scalability, and customization options. By breaking down the eCommerce platform into smaller components, businesses can easily add or remove functionalities, integrate with other systems, and manage their operations more efficiently.

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