Wanna buy SOON_’s NFT?

Wanna buy SOON_’s NFT?

You can now buy a literal piece of our company at your local NFT platform.

Whether you think NFTs are shady fools gold or part of a breakthrough technology, they almost feel so ubiquitous that you need to mint one to just join the conversation. So we did. Yes, the SOON_ underscore is now for sale at a friendly neighbourhood NFT platform near you.

Here’s our take on the piece:

"The underscore functions as a connector in modern language, bridging ideas while uniting the disparate. In digital media, an underscore can be a carat; that is an expectant, blinking cursor. It welcomes interaction. It demands input. It is an unusual, distinctive symbol common in the verbiage and oeuvre of digital domains but exceptional in print. This is truly a work of our time."

Alex Light

Managing Director

You can now buy a literal part of our company here. Beautiful isn't it?

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