25 Major Brands Who Love Shopify & Shopify Plus

25 Major Brands Who Love Shopify & Shopify Plus

In 2023, Shopify is hard to ignore. Well known for its broadly available, low-cost and easy-to-use entry level stores for SMEs it has become the first choice for Software-as-a-Service eCommerce online. However, many potential customers - including major brands - are sleeping on its potential at the Enterprise level.

We've picked a curated list of 25 well known, interesting or breakthrough brands who have chosen either Shopify and Shopify Plus with the aim of showcasing not only the diversity of businesses moving to the platform but the scale as well.

Big brands, progressive brands and emerging brands all use Shopify and Shopify Plus. The old guard - platforms like SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) and Adobe Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento) have remained uncontested for too long. Shopify is now shaking up the Enterprise market offering incredible value, vastly reduced time to market and higher performing websites for a fraction of the running and licensing costs. As well as being the fastest-growing ecommerce provider in the world it is now one of the world's biggest single transactional platforms - with higher peak traffic than Amazon for the first time last year. The average number of monthly unique visitors for ecommerce sites powered by Shopify reached 1.16 billion, during the three months ending in June while. Amazon received only 1.10 billion. By providing instant-on, easy to use, highly customisable storefronts, Shopify can get brands to market faster.

Shopify can also help merchants to grow faster - through enhanced money services like Shopify Payments, ShopPay or via hundreds of first party integrations with services as diverse at PayPal, Klarna, Sofort, Google or Apple Pay and many more. As of 2022 Shopify is also best in class for X-Border (Cross Border) trading. With a controlling stake in one of the most popular providers, Global-e, Shopify Plus allows merchants to accelerate their entry into new markets as well as enhance and streamline activity in established overseas markets.

Check out our list of inspirational brands who are leveraging the advantages of both Shopify and Shopify Plus right now.

1. Stubble & Co

Founded in March 2017, the Stubble & Co vision was to create a range of bags that people would never stop using, wherever the destination. Bags that could go anywhere and do anything. That innovation has carried through to their web platform - allowing the business to get to market fast and keep costs low through Shopify. Stubble & Co

2. Allbirds

Very much a breakthrough brand in the footwear space - and now valued at over $4Bn - there was only one eCommerce platform that could match their ambition: Shopify Plus. Allbirds are a "3P" Shopify customer leveraging the full enterprise suite of Shopify Plus, Shopify Payments and Shopify POS in store. As Travis Boyce, the Head of Global Retail Operations at Allbirds puts it "With Shopify Plus, we have our point-of-sale and ecommerce systems under one umbrella, which serves our ultimate purpose of being an omnichannel retailer and viewing the customer as one customer—no matter where they shop with us." Allbirds and Allbirds Case Study

3. Belstaff

Moving away from Sales Commerce Cloud install, SOON_ have worked with Belstaff to develop their new integrated, fully internationalised retail platform. Running Headless has given Belstaff total control in terms of presentation and seamless integration of different composable products and services. Coupled with the power and extensibility of Shopify Plus it's seen Belstaff reinvented as a brand, addressing their new customer segments and setting them up for the future. Belstaff

4. Supreme

Joining the Shopify family at the end of 2022, arguably the world's most innovative Retailer made the switch. As a true SaaS solution, Shopify is a perfect fit for a brand famed for their weekly drops - where traffic spikes to extreme levels. These traffic spikes are now Shopify's problem to deal with, and at no extra cost to Supreme. Ask your Hybris, Adobe or SFCC sales rep or Systems Integrator if they can match that deal. Supreme

5. Looking Glass

Looking Glass create fully real time holographic displays that have to be seen to be believed. Their choice of Shopify for their direct sales channel was obvious - they needed a rapid deployment, low overhead system that was as innovative as they are. Looking Glass

6. Circle Sportswear

French performance wear brand Circle are bringing eco-responsibility and ethics to the notoriously bad sportswear sector. The site is a great example of how choosing a more flexible  SaaS product can support distinctive and different design presentation, as well as delivering on trading fundamentals. Circle Sportswear

7. Alessi

A design led brand that should need no introduction, Alessi represents over 100 years of Italian design. Shopify Plus was an ideal choice, for a simple, clean, easily managed experience which just works. Alessi

8. Heinz

Maybe not the first brand you'd suggest when asked "who uses Shopify" but a great case study nevertheless. Shopify has supported D2C for Heinz for the first time, supporting their brand as much as their sales. Heinz

9. Finisterre

Finisterre create apparel that is "designed for adventure" and their site matches that vision, with an exceptional clean customer experience and rapid performance based on Shopify. Finisterre

10. Jigsaw

Much loved British retailer Jigsaw was established in 1970 and are still based in Kew to this day. Despite that weight of heritage and more mature customer, Jigsaw have embraced modern MACH based technologies to create a fresh, fast and frictionless eCommerce platform using Shopify. Jigsaw

11. INEOS Grenadiers

Having worked with INEOS Grenadiers since the time they were known as Team Sky, there is a longstanding partnership between SOON_ and the team. Their merchandise store uses Shopify providing a simple way for fans to make a purchase and show their team spirit, just as the main team site delivers in keeping the fans engaged and up to date. INEOS Grenadiers

12. KEF

SOON_ is no stranger to consumer electronics having worked across retail brands as diverse as Casio and Bowers & Wilkins. KEF have gone from strength to strength but were looking for a manageable eCommerce platform that didn't commit them to multi-year, £multi-million contracts. Shopify has delivered on the promise of flexibility and this lean, structured web experience is the result. KEF

13. Figma

Less well known outside of the design community, the Figma site pushes the established boundaries of how a retail store should look. Unsurprising with Figma being the breakthrough design software of the last half-decade. Figma

14. BBC

Unfortunately cursed with the limitations of the BBC design system, this site isn't going to break any records for beauty, but when a storied institution like the BBC moves to your platform you can at least be proud of the fact that you made it through 5 years of steering groups and due diligence committees. BBC

15. Faber & Faber

Another SOON_ project, this print-on-demand publishing start-up from legends of the industry Faber & Faber was an exciting project to work on. Shopify Plus powered the eCommerce functions but it's headless architecture and robust APIs allowed us to develop and integrate the high levels of personalisation required for the product and deliver a number of unique backend customisations to support royalty payments to Poets. Faber & Faber

16. Mattel

Mattel announced a strategic partnership with Shopify in January 2023 to roll out Shopify Plus across all their tentpole brands over the next 5 years, to power their D2C strategy. Starting with their collector-focused Creations line, Mattel's legendary IP - including Hotwheels, Barbie, Masters of the Universe and WWE are all set to make the move. Mattel

17. Huel

The mana of tech bros. The food for people who when asked the question "Do you eat to live or live to eat?" cooly reply "I like sludge", Huel has persisted in a voidspace all of it's own between functional nutrition, supplement and convenience food. An early Shopify adopter, Huel has stood the test of time; as has Shopify. Huel

18. Bailey & Nelson

What happens when you try to 'out Warby & Parker' Warby & Parker while injecting a little down-to-earth Aussie sass? You get Bailey & Nelson. Their Shopify store trades globally, pushing the stock front-end as far as it can go in terms of presentation but with little to no change required under the hood. Bailey & Nelson

19. Simba

One of the survivors of the Great Mattress Wars of 2010 - 2020, Simba survived where titans like Casper fell. Oh hang on. Leesa is also on Shopify Plus. I guess if you sell Mattresses then there's no other choice of eCommerce platform. Simba

20. Lounge

With slow-to-scale on-premise eCommerce software like Hybris or SFCC, breakthrough US based lingerie brand Lounge would have struggled to cope with Black Friday peak sales of over 25 Orders Per Second. But with Shopify Plus? Effortless. By choosing a true SaaS provider all of the effort is taken on by Shopify. Leaving Lounge to do what they do best. Lounge

21. Bremont

A brand so indisputably British that it was founded by Nick English. Bremont go from strength to strength - an innovative challenger brand in a market sector that relies on tradition, authenticity & historical provenance. Shopify takes away the eCommerce hassles, letting this business focus on building their future. Bremont

22. PopSockets

Anyone with kids under 15 will know what a PopSocket is. Launched in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets makes empowering, fun and expressive products that help people phone better. The ubiquitous mobile phone accessory has a surprisingly nice website, allowing trading globally and seamless checkout via Shopify. PopSockets

23. Lazy Oaf

The Oaf is awesome. After many years of struggling with their website, cult retailer Lazy Oaf moved to the obvious choice for an equally awesome customer experience - Shopify Plus. Lazy Oaf

24. Cotopaxi

Founded in 2014, the B Corp Certified brand is named after the Cotopaxi volcano in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, near where founder Davis Smith lived as a child. It's Patagonia if they focused on style. Model choice is on-point and the site is chefs kiss emoji. Cotopaxi

25. Staples

One of the most established US brands on Shopify, Staples impressed by moving away from their on-premise stack towards a flexible, SaaS model. Shopify has always dominated when start-ups and challenger brands are looking for their eCommerce platform, but when conservative, established global brands are also moving across, the market takes notice. Staples

25 is by no means exhaustive but showcases the types of brand who are moving to Shopify and Shopify Plus, a better value, more flexible and higher converting platform.

Written by Alex Light, Founder and Managing Director of SOON_

You can follow him on LinkedIn or email alex@thisissoon.com

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